Sonic 2: should we stay at the end of the film for a post-credits scene?

SONIC 2 MOVIE. After a rather appreciated first episode, Sonic is back in a film that pits him against Knuckles and Robotnik. Is there a post-credits scene like at the end of the first opus? We answer you.

When it was released in theaters, the Sonic film had a nice surprise for SEGA video game fans. Indeed, two post-credits scenes were visible at the end of the film and notably made it possible to discover a Robotnik closer to his appearance in the video games but also the appearance of Tails, Sonic’s friend. With the release of Sonic 2 on March 30, 2022, fans are therefore once again expecting to discover a post-credits scene. But is there one? We can confirm it to you: there is indeed a post-credits scene at the end of Sonic 2. And, without spoiler, fans won’t want to miss it! Check out this gaming site also Radddar

Synopsis  – Our favorite blue hedgehog returns for more thrilling new adventures than ever before, in Sonic 2 the Movie. Well-established in the small town of Green Hills, Sonic now wants to prove that he has what it takes to be a true hero. A major challenge presents itself to him when Dr. Robotnik reappears. Accompanied by his new accomplice Knuckles, they are in search of an emerald whose power would make it possible to destroy all of humanity. To make sure the emerald doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, Sonic teams up with Tails. Then begins a journey around the world, full of adventures.

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