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Relief package: Important course setting or wrong distribution?

The energy relief package announced by the federal government for citizens has met with both praise and criticism in Schleswig-Holstein.

According to the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW), many parts of the relief package are going in the right direction, but the package is too broad. Low-income households would benefit from the family subsidy and the flat-rate energy price, but so would everyone else.

Consumer center wants more distributive justice

The Schleswig-Holstein consumer center sees it similarly. For example, she would have liked a heating subsidy for low-income households. Tom Janneck told NDR Schleswig-Holstein: “We would like to have a stronger focus on distributive justice. That means that households with low incomes are actually given more support, for example by paying a 1,000-euro heating subsidy for these groups of people and an additional 1,000-euro Euro family bonus would have arrived.”

Local transport association cannot yet assess the situation

The relief package also announces that a new ticket for local public transport is to be introduced. It should only cost nine euros per month. However, the Schleswig Holstein local transport association cannot yet assess whether the bus and train could suddenly be far too full. More detailed information from the federal government was still missing, it said.

Energy price flat rate as a salary subsidy

The leaders of the traffic light coalition had presented a comprehensive relief package for the citizens because of the sharp rise in energy prices . These include a one-time energy price lump sum of 300 euros and a reduction in the tax on fuel for three months. The coalition also wants to introduce a new public transport ticket for this period, which will cost nine euros a month. Families receive an additional bonus of 100 euros for each child.

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