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“How about we meet?” (M6): Sandra threatens Guy, her crush, after discovering that he was already married…

This Monday March 28, 2022, M6 broadcast an unpublished episode of the program “And if we met”. Thinking of meeting Guy, the man with whom she had been flirting online for months, Sandra finally had to face her best friend who came to tell her a surprising secret. With her murderous answers, the young woman became THE star of Twitter in a few minutes…

A new episode of the show “And if we met?” was broadcast on M6 this Monday, March 28, 2022. From the start of the program, a young woman named Sandra made the buzz on social networks thanks to her personality and her grip. Coming to meet a man named Guy with whom she has been talking for more than eight months, Sandra finally met Ishmael, the best friend of her online flirtation.

Ishmael had the heavy task of telling Sandra that Guy didn’t show up because he had something important to tell her. Reached by phone, the man ended up revealing that he is married “administratively” but that he has not been in a relationship for a year.

What if we met: Sandra, a candidate becomes the star of Twitter after a Furious sequence, the young woman did not hesitate to put her virtual flirtation in her place but also her best friend who came to deliver the message. Unexpectedly, Guy was actually at the back of the hotel and asked to meet Sandra. A very tense exchange then took place between the two young people: “You are married, you send your friend with a badly written letter, tell me that you have been married for four years” she launched. After having reframed the young man, Sandra finally left, turning her back on him: “Do you like me physically? Watch me leave” she chanted.

A sequence which literally propelled the young woman to the rank of queen on Twitter, in particular because Internet users loved the fact that the candidate did not let herself be dismantled in the face of Guy’s lies.

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