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Camille Cottin: in a relationship for 20 years, the actress does not want to get married and explains why

Camille Cottin has shared the life of Benjamin Gauthier for 20 years. The couple is not married and the actress returned, without filter, to this choice which she fully assumes.

It was on the boards that Camille Cottin met the man who shares her life: Benjamin Gauthier. Both were part of the same theater troupe, but Benjamin Gauthier did not pursue this path.

Indeed, the companion of Camille Cottin exercises the profession of architect. Both have been in a relationship for 20 years and are the happy parents of two children: Léon, born in 2010 and Anna, born in 2015. However, both are not married, a situation that suits the family very well. actress of Ten Percent . A choice that the actress fully assumes. Camille Cottin had also broached this subject during an interview with our colleagues from Psychologies Magazine , a few years ago:


” I am against it, because, even if I plan to spend the rest of my life with him, I want to feel this share of freedom that previous generations allowed us to acquire. This possibility of saying ‘If I’m not happy, I’m leaving’ ”.


The actress told a funny anecdote about the moments of jealousy of the father of her children. In the film Larguées , Camille Cottin had to kiss an actor who played the role of a DJ. An evocative gesture that did not please Benjamin Gauthier. The actress says: “ He has not read the script for Dropped, he has read the first page and he sees that Rose is shoving the DJ. So he said to me: “Who does the DJ?” I answer him that I don’t know and he says to me: ‘”Well, it will be me! What is there, a sentence? That’s fine!” He only had one sentence to say, but even for one sentence he was very stressed ”.

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