Interesting facts about Virat Kohli

One of the most famous and successful cricketers

Virat Kohli debuted in 2008 against Sri Lanka and become one of the best batsmen

Virat Kohli only player who has never been auctioned in IPL

In 2008 he was kept as a draft player and since then RCB retained him every year

Virat Kohli scored the most ODI centuries Most Test centuries and Test runs by an Indian captain 

Virat Kohli is the fastest batsman to score 8000, 9000, 10,000, and 12,000 runs in ODI cricket

Virat Kohli is the only Indian player who hit 100 in his world cup debut

Virat Kohli is the first cricketer who takes a wicket off the “non-legal delivery” in T20i

Virat Kohli is the first player who scores back-to-back three centuries in test cricket while captaining the team